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Hours & Fees

Please see the information below of our hours and fees.

We also accept 15 hour and 30 hour funding.

Any questions, feel free to contact us


Our hours are 8am to 4pm with the option of breakfast club and late pick up.

We are flexible with our drop off and pick up times to suit your childcare needs.


We can offer drop off times of:

8am, 9am and 12pm.


And pick up times of:

12pm, 1pm, 3pm and 4pm.

Breakfast club will run from 8am to 9am at £9.25, which will include a self selection breakfast. 

Breakfast will consist of a range of toasts, cereals, yoghurts and fruits, where children will self select to encourage independence. 


Late pick up will be from 3pm to 4pm, charged at the normal hourly rate of £7.50. During this time we will offer a healthy snack.


Our fees include:


A registration fee of £50 is needed to secure your child’s place, where you will receive a t-shirt, jumper and drawstring bag, all with the Little Meadows Nursery logo on. 


Our hourly rate is £7.50, with the exception of breakfast club where it is £9.25, which includes a self selection breakfast. 


We offer a 2 course lunch, which consists of a hot lunch and a healthy dessert at £3. 


Snacks are offered in the mornings and afternoons (after 3pm), where these will be a healthy snack choice, that children have prepared themselves. Snack is charged at £1 a day only on the days that your child attends.


If you would like to order some more uniform, please let us know and we can order some for you.

T-shirt £7.50

Jumper £9.50

Bag £9

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